Thursday, April 06, 2006

How to become a Spiritual person

How to become a Spiritual person.

Stan Adams

If you look around in Christendom today, you will find that most people are
religious and not spiritual. You may say, what do you mean.
Being religious is to follow a certain set of rules, do certain activities on
certain days etc. There are many religions in the world today which people
practice. What makes true Christianity any different from them?

If you call yourself a Christian and live a life style not much different from
the people around you, then you are a religious person.
You may ask then, what is it to be spiritual.

The answer lies in Jesus Christ, God who became a human being to show us how to
live on this earth.
In the gospel’s Jesus said " Not my will but thine be done" luke 22:42. This was
his life style each and every day of his life on this earth. He did nothing of
himself, He did everything in consultation with his father. That is the life we
are called to live as Christians. It says in Romans 8:12-14, to be led of the
spirit is to be the sons and daughters of God. To put the flesh to death by the
power of the indwelling spirit every day will make us spiritual.

It is in the daily decisions that we make, if we will yield to that temptation thatwe are tempted with or if we will conform to the standards of the ungodly worldaround us. The decisions that we make daily either to follow after the flesh andthe world or Christ and his will for us will determine whether we will become spiritual or not.
You may say that there seems to be no benefit in following after God. But friends Godloves us with an eternal love which seeks our very best. God is interested inour eternal well being. He has our best interests in mind when he asks us to follow him. We love Him because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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