Thursday, August 17, 2006

God is light & God is love

The Apostle John in his letter of 1 John primarily talks about two things. God is light and God is love, in other words, Life and fellowship. 1John 1:5, 4:8 John the beloved disciple of Jesus after walking with his Lord for atleast 55-65 years, talks about the most important things that a Christian should remember and practice in his life. He talks about what existed from the beginning, life, eternal life, perfect fellowship in the trinity, between the father, son and the Holy Spirit. There can be no true fellowship without life, a quality of life, the Christ life, the divine life. Our fellowship should be in two directions, vertical toward God and horizontal toward our fellow human beings. There is a Cross between us and God. God made a way for us to fellowship with Him by sending his son to die on that Cross. Likewise there is a Cross between human beings, so you and I can fellowship ONLY if I die on the cross that is between us. There is no true fellowship without the Cross. Bible teaching cannot build fellowship, Only Life that is manifested through the death of self on the cross, can build true fellowship.

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