Saturday, March 17, 2007

God is our refuge

God is our strength, so we need not fear nor worry।
The more we know God, the less we will fear or worry. Psalm 46

Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of Christ. Rom. 10: 17
Do you hear God in your daily life?
God is speaking. There are thousands of sound waves in the air,
if we are to listen to them, we need to tune in to that particular frequency.

Have you made Christ your Lord & Savior? If so, than you have no want। He constantly watches over you. It is his responsibility to take care of you. Life becomes much easier when we give up the controlling interest of our lives into God's hands. Psalm 23

The God who created the Universe and who still sustains it by his infinite wisdom, the One who loved us with an everlasting love, demonstrated by sending his Only son to redeem us can be trusted with our lives. John 3: 16

Don't settle for less, live life to the fullest. Live in Christ!

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