Friday, March 30, 2007

God loves little children

God who created the universe, created you and me. John 1:3
In Psalm 139, it's mentioned that God is involved in the creation process right in the womb.
How great is our God!
Unfortunately, some of us are blinded to this fact and kill innocent children.

Children are gifts from God and no matter what the circumstances of conception are, they should be given the opportunity to be born and to live on this earth. Psalm 127:3

Imagine how you will feel when you spend time and effort towards an endeavor and someone comes along and destroys your work, not once but over and over again.
That's how God feels, when we in ignorance, kill his creation in the womb. Ezekiel 16:21
Not only are we provoking God to anger but we are also subjecting ourselves to terrible pain, guilt and sorrow. Jeremiah 31:15

Researches in this area indicate that men and women who have participated in abortion carry untold sorrow, misery and guilt for a long time. They also tell us that a woman may not be able to have children later in life and is more prone to have miscarriages, and to have a risk of cancer.

Mexico is trying to pass new legislation which will affect many children.
Ny times, Page 2
Please pray.

God loves little children. Matthew 19:14

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