Saturday, April 07, 2007

Passion of the Christ

John 18:1-11
The devil had come to Adam in the garden full of deceit to bring upon him the curse of death। Now Judas, into whom the devil had entered, comes full of deceit to Jesus in the garden, betraying Him to death। But Jesus is not like the old Adam, who hid among the trees in fear. He is the new Adam who has come to undo the curse by His cross. Jesus goes forth boldly to meet His captors, fully prepared to drink the cup of judgment given Him by His Father.

Jesus is the great I AM, the eternal God revealed in the burning bush to Moses. His name causes His enemies to draw back and fall to the ground. For all who do not call on His name in faith will fall to their own destruction. Yet He who took up our humanity submits to their capture, saying "Let these go their way," so that none of the disciples given Him would be lost. For Jesus came that they and all of us who bear His saving name might be released from the powers of darkness. This victory is won not by the sword but by sacrifice.

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