Friday, May 25, 2007

The Lord is my shepherd!

This Jesus who came
his love, a flame
embraced the sinner
Laced him, a winner
onward, Christian soldier
ride the wings, of thy risen savior
drink deep, of the glory of the master;
Isn't the Lord, your shepherd?
see thyself, the apple of his eye
Meadow grass, full, of his bountiful supply;
yield your self, your life to his care
Surely love will keep you from every snare;
his tender mercies, are new every morning
eternal happiness, the streams of blessing
provision for you, in the presence, of thine enemies
his grace, sufficient, for all your worries
even when you walk, through the valley of death
rest in his grace, rejoice he is near, even, every breath
delight, O soul, in Jesus your king!

1 comment:

Scotti said...

Jesus My King! Amen! This is a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it.