Thursday, June 14, 2007

A very present help

A very present help is Jesus
Beloved Savior, is he
Cast your burden on him
Delight in his unchanging love
Earth will change
Farthest stars may fall
God is our refuge
He raised his voice, the earth melts;
In Christ alone, I place my trust
Just as I am, come to his throne
Kindness and love, mercies flow;
Lo I am with you alway, promised thy love
Move O mountain, In the name of Jesus
Never to leave me, alone, he said
On the cross, he died for you
Proved his love, he stretched his hands
Quiet, O soul
Rest in Jesus;
See he comes, with myriads of angels
To lift you to heaven, his mansions of glory;
Under his arms, everlasting joy
Victory at last, death, where is thy sting?
We fall down before the throne
eXulting in Jesus, our savior and king;
Yahweh, you alone are God
Zion is redeemed

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