Thursday, May 17, 2007

And Jesus said

nd Jesus said, I am life
Be gone Satan, you liar;
Come to me, you weak and weary
Determine humility;
Eternal God, friend of sinners
Full of grace, bright morning star
God of gods, Jehovah king
His banner over is love;
I love you lord, precious art thou
Jesus your name, sinners are saved
King of kings and Lord of Lords
Let me come closer to you
Make me yours and yours alone
Never to leave me alone;
O Holy spirit, divine
Pass me not, gentle savior
Quickly come, quiet my heart
Restore my soul, the rivers fall;
Sing to the Lord, a new song
The angels bow,we fall down
Until the trumpet shall sound
Victory is God's, his children win;
What a day of rejoicing!
eXalting Jesus the King;
Young and old, every knee shall bow
Zion will be redeemed.


1 comment:

Scotti said...

Wonderful poem! I just posted an alphabet acrostic on my site yesterday!

May the Peace of the Lord Jesus be with you always,